Stop wishing. You can learn to draw...


The best part? You can learn for free.

"I can't draw" is a lie.

You can draw... you just forgot how to do it! The "Drawing for Beginners" is a free course to help you get back to the drawing board (literally!) with confidence.


"But I can't even draw a straight line!"

Whether you want to learn to draw a stick figure or you want to get the ideas in your head onto paper, this course will help you learn to creatively communicate and share your ideas with the world. Lessons feature multimedia content, exercises and challenges, and printable worksheets to help you practice.


Your course instructor: Emily Mills is a professional illustrator, author of "The Art of Visual Notetaking" and founder of Emily will help you get in touch with your imagination, think creatively, learn to stay simple, and draw almost anything using tools you've already mastered.

It's time to stop saying "I wish I could draw" and start drawing!

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